Outdoor Games For Small Groups of Kids

Kids are active souls who love to have uncontrolled playtime, though it is not possible. Some are likely fond of indoor games, and some have many favorite outdoor activities. However, indoor and outdoor games come with their benefits and demerits.

Today indoor games are more smart and technical, yet outside games are still more fun, engaging, and full of activities. Keep your children occupied with their friends in outdoor games, as it will improve their friendship and health. Let’s scroll and find some of the great outdoor games for a small group of kids.

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Importance of Outdoor Games For Children

Importance of Outdoor Games For Children
  • It helps in better skill development.
  • Ensures incredible physical growth and mental stimulation.
  • It keeps them energetic and healthy.
  • It helps in learning to behave socially with players and friends.
  • Good to make kids learn to be more active, adaptive, and flexible.
  • It makes them bold, confident, and stronger in multiple ways.

Some of the Amazing Outdoor Games For Small Groups of Kids To Play and Enjoy

Here are some most commonly loved outdoor games for children to spend quality time with friends and family.

1. Hide and Seek: Everyone loves to play hide and seek. It can be played indoor and outdoor, making it the best playtime for kids and adults. Hiding and finding is an incredible way for kids to explore. It even helps them learn to count and boost memory to think of the most exclusive hidden places.

2. Kick The Can: Somewhat a variation of hiding and seek. In this, a can is placed in the middle of the playing area, and it has to find the hidden team players after a certain numeric count. If any player is tagged by “it” and holding a pen for other captured players. Moreover, the funny mantra comes when un-captured players manage to kick the can, then all captured players are released, and games get over.

3. Capture the Flag: This is an amusing game to be played in a group with friends and family members and split into teams, with each one having a flag. The major task of both teams is to reach and capture each other territory and flag. They even have to reach their own ground safely. This is somewhat an active outdoor game to be played and enjoyed.

4. Traffic Cop: Play it only on streets with little to no traffic zone. Even large paved areas are also good. For kids to learn about traffic norms and rules, the need for bikes, wagons, pedestrians, etc., is a must. This will help children to play and learn traffic safety rules to be followed on the streets.

5. Four Square: This is a multiplayer outdoor game in which the ball is played on the square court, divided into small squares. According to rank from highest to square one to lowest to number four square, one player stands in each developed square. The game win depends on bouncing balls among players in each team. 

6. Hopscotch: Hopscotch is one of the safest and entertaining games. In this, chalks are used to create the number of squares between one to nine. One has to pick the stone or small rock that is safe to hold and good for tossing. Bounce the rock to block number and follow the pattern with a single foot or both. Pick the rock and get back to the way you started within the single foot. This is the oldest yet amazing childhood game most of us had enjoyed when we were kids too.

7. Jump Rope: Jumping rope is quite a fun, engaging game, especially for girls. It can be played single or within the team. Moreover, jumping rope helps in developing skills on speed and balance. Furthermore, it’s a game with body exercise that keeps kids fit and healthy. Double dutch jump rope is a next-level game that can easily be tripped and seems more adventurous.

8. Marbles: Draw a circle with chalk in sand or sidewalk area, then play on turns with knocking marbles with others. Marble games come with different ideas and variations that can be played among kids and adults together in outdoor locations during the picnic, camping, etc.

9. Red Light, And Green Light Gameplay: You can play it inside or outside. It is an easy peasy freeze game. On red, players have to freeze, and on the green, they can come closer to the one who is the den. In red, if anyone is spotted to be moved, then the next den chance is his/her.

10. Tag: You must be knowing how to play a tag game. In this group mutually decides with “it,” and other players chase around the one who becomes “it,” who tags the other with hand. Generally, this game is played with no tag backs. So enjoyable game since childhood we all have played. This time makes your kids play and have a great time with friends.

Other Outdoor Games For Small Groups of Kids

Outdoor Games For Small Groups of Kids

The choice is endless when it comes to outdoor games for children. In fact, outdoor games are never age bound for kids only. You can enjoy and spend time together with your kids. Particular games can be played single, but small group games are more entertaining, played in-home parties, kids birthdays, family get together, etc.

  • Jacks.
  • Chinese Jump Rope.
  • Mother, May I.
  • Simon Says.
  • Freeze Tag.
  • Shadow Tag.
  • TV Tag.
  • Macro Polo.
  • Blind Man’s Bluff.
  • Red Rover.
  • Spud.
  • Heads Up, Seven Up.
  • Crack the Whip.
  • Musical Chair.
  • Freeze Dance.

Final Verdict

Playing outdoor games is a really great way for kids to explore and learn new things. It even helps in physical and mental development. Thus, take great ideas to make your kids more involved in outdoor games. Small group games for children to be played in picnic spots, camping, and backyard parties with friends will help social development. However, specific safety measures are needed to be followed and kept in mind for guardians or parents for the safest and happiest outdoor gameplay. 

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