Amazing Outdoor Games For Kids Under 5

Parents of a preschooler between 2-5 years and want them to explore new things. Why not try active play games for more fun and learning for toddlers. The home backyard is worth safe and good place than a local park. However, the local park is also ideal if you are with them.

You can use different materials and toys to make outdoor playtime more enjoyable and exploring. This blog will suggest some of the easy-peasy and fun, engaging Outdoor Games For Kids Under 5 years.

Some Amazing Outdoor Games For Preschoolers

Outdoor Games For Kids Under 5 - hula hoop

There are ample outdoor games for preschoolers, but keeping them active for longer and entertaining is worth difficult. Therefore here are some of the fantastic outdoor games for kids under 5 years. We hope you will precisely give your children a better playtime and learning experience with some outdoor games below. So let us know more about them.

1. Ride and Learn: It is a playful game where children will need a ride-on toy like a scooter, bike, etc. In this, you need to create chalk circles or boxes with the number written inside. As the kids will padel and cross the chalk circles, it will make them learn numbers with fun.

2. Colourful Chalks Play: Use different color chalks to create different geometric shapes (square, triangle, circle, rectangle, star, etc.). Just make the shapes and let your kids fill them with different colors. This will help them to recognize colors and shapes.

3. Water Play: Fill a tub with colorful water, give kids different items, and ask if those things will float or sink. This will help your child learn to recognize things or toys heavy to sink and light to float.

4. Find and Hatch Eggs: You need to prepare it a day before planning outdoor games and activities for kids. Use balloons to make eggs, fill them with water and freeze them. Use them eggs during outdoor playtime in the garden or backyard. Let your kids find and hatch them.

5. Toy Teepee Tent: Why not make a teepee tent for kids in the backyard or garden. Take the help of your children to collect and use materials for teepee tent-like sticks, towels, bedsheets, cushions, etc. It would be a fun, engaging, and adorable home for kids to play and sleep. You can also put some cute soft toys into the teepee tent.

6. Arty Bark Creativity: Child’s artwork is also a good way for preschoolers to learn and have fun simultaneously. Use chunky crayons and paper sheets or old newspaper. Place them on large tree barks and give them crayons to produce a unique print on a sheet. You can use trees in a local park or garden. Even can use coins to have such creative crayons arts.

7. Mud Painting: Kids love to play in the mud. So why not give them the outdoor activity of mud painting and artwork. Let your kids make a little mud puddle. It sounds messy, but it’s worth enjoyable. Give them space to play in the mud and create toys or painting out of it. This will enhance their grip.

8. Spotting Game: Print out o download some nearby things, materials, signboards, etc. Then take a walk with your child in the neighborhood, and let them spot everything carefully. Tick the items off to make your kids learn and recognize them. This will enhance their memory.

9. Favorite Ice Lollies: Place some favorite squashes, fruits, and jellies and give your kids a task to make their favorite ice lollies. This is a worth delicious, playful activity for preschoolers. Use safe materials like plastic cups, molds, and other stuff.

10. Dandelions Is Endless Fun: Preschoolers love to play outdoor, and to make their joy endless, show them nature as closest. Pick some dandelions and show them to blow and g=how they fly. This is a simple idea yet can be challenging if blow dandelions or not.

Other Outdoor Games For Kids Under 5 Years

Outdoor Games For Kids Under 5

Some of the other outdoor games for kids between 2 years to 5 are as follows.

  1. Balloon toss game.
  2. Nature table with collective leaves, tree barks, flowers, seeds, etc.
  3. Look for butterflies, ladybirds, and caterpillars.
  4. Sleeping and listening to lions play.
  5. Ice painting and nature circles are great fun games.
  6. Stepping stones games-use newspaper instead for safest jump and playtime.
  7. Balloon tennis.
  8. Hunt for treasure.
  9. Use different leaves and grass as art subjects to create crayon creativity.
  10. You can use different toys, ribbons, ballons, colourful chalks, cushions, etc.

Things To Keep In Mind For Kids Under 5 During Outdoor Playtime

Check for an outdoor location like the garden, local park, or backyard to be the safest.

  1. Keep the first aid kit always handy and reachable.
  2. Look for non-toxic and non-harmful toys and materials.
  3. Do monitor your kids whenever they are playing outdoor.
  4. Tell them not to jump or run unnecessarily.
  5. Do check for climatic conditions for kids if the safest, healthiest, and favorable.
  6. Keep an eye on kids if not meeting strangers or unknowns. If suspected, call for help.
  7. Make sure your children play in the kid-friendly zone in local parks.
  8. Carry fruits, water, and healthy juices, to keep them hydrated and energetic.
  9. Use frostbites and sunscreen for kids in going for sunny day playtime or water games.

Final Verdict

Outdoors games are a really enjoyable time that gives kids a chance to learn new things and explore the fun. It even lets them make new friends and have quality time with family members. Outdoors games for kids under 5 years need to be specifically designed and planned to enhance their skills in multiple ways.

Outdoor games will helps preschoolers to develop social skills and behavior apart from gross motor skills development. Thus if you are a toddler’s parent, then there are simple and enjoyable outdoor game options, as mentioned above in this blog.