Fun Outdoor Water Games for Toddlers

Sizzling summers and vacations are on with no more schools and outings due to the pandemic making kids dull and bore. No worry! We are here for parents like you to offer your kids more wacky water games. It will allow them to enjoy and spend quality time with friends and family.

Get your kids cool with pool games this scorching summer. There are countless backyard and Fun Outdoor Water Games for Toddlers. So ready to beat the summers with water splashes at home, let get started with fantastic water games in this blog below.

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fun outdoor water games for toddlers

Water Balloon Pinatas

Take a string and large balloons filled with water. Tie them on branches or clotheslines in the backyard of the home. This is a safe and cool summer party for your kids to enjoy. Invite their friends too, to play and spend quality time together. Get the colorful balloons filled with colorful water, give them challenges to pop them with the bat or badminton racket. Blindfold hits can be more fun and refreshing idea.

Ice Ice Baby

Use different shape molds to freeze water. Tell children to use tricks to take shaped ice out from the mold and excavate them. You can even use colorful water to filled molds, thus will give ice-shaped objects in different shades.

Water Balloon Relay Race

Cool race idea for kids to enjoy this summertime. Fill some balloons with water and split them into two buckets with a starting line. Make two teams and place two chairs on the opposite side of the gameplay area. Put balloons on a chair and tell each kid to sit on that chair until the balloon pops up. If done quickly, put the next balloon and tell another kid to follow the same. The team with a maximum of popped balloons in less time is the winner.

Ready Steady and Jump

Use spin ropes or just allow your kids to jump in this game. Make sure your kids won’t get injured, okay. Use a cup/glass filled with water and give each to every player. Now make an obstacle game, to jump ten times over the rope while holding the filled cup. The player/team with more water left will be a winner.

Water Sponge Ball

Of course, an incredible Fun Outdoor Water Games for Toddlers to enjoy water splashes. Use few colorful sponges, cut them into strips, and tie them to look like ball/star shape. Fill the bucket with water and put all sponges into it. Make two teams and allow your kids to use them as a challenge to defeat each team with water-filled sponge bombs. The team target maximum of players will win.

Freezy Tees Win-Win Challenge

Freeze some loose tees or soak them in chilling water. Use wax paper while doing this. The challenge is to wear the frozen tee, so hand them among kids. The one who takes less time and wears it easily is the winner. Noteworthy is that the game is only for teens, not for toddlers, as wet tees can make them ill, so be careful.

Water Fill And Throw

Use two buckets, one with water and another empty keep them at a distance (about 15 feet away). Give kids a challenge to race back and forth to transport water from one bucket to another with the use of mugs, plastic bowls, sponges, etc. This will make them wet to some extent and enjoy themselves a lot.

Watercolor Chalk

Happy playtime for kids in water comes with water sprinkles in summers. Use different color chalks to paint shapes and art on rocks, driveway, or sidewalk areas. Use a swirl water paintbrush or spray bottle. The chalk will change its color. This Fun Outdoor Water Game for Toddlers will help them to learn shapes and enjoy water every day.

Foody And Colorful Ice Pops

The is a crazy water game for children. Use food coloring in water, then freeze them up. Let your kids draw and use these ice color pops as a paintbrush to draw on white paper.

Curby Balance Beam Game

Give your kids a unique try to balance themselves and play with the garden hose. Create different curves and shapes, ask your toddlers to walk on them without falling. To make it a more wet challenge, use garden showers from the garden hose track sides. Make sure kids keeping eyes closes and balance. This is a super cool and easy water game.

fun outdoor water games for toddlers

Some More Crazy Cool Water Games

  • Water Olympic.
  • Water gun battle.
  • Cup to cup cycle.
  • Sponge tossing.
  • Water bottle tossing.
  • Pool toe diving.
  • Water balloon dodgeball.
  • Water balloon volleyball.
  • Sprinkler and minnows. 
  • Water wars.

Water Games Winner Gifts Ideas

  • Water guns for next time play.
  • Customzied tees or goodie bag.
  • Home pool.
  • Water toys.
  • Ballons and bubbles.
  • Sandcastle game kit.
  • Winner logo cap and batch.
  • Comics or stationary materials.
  • Puzzle games.
  • Mugs to enjoy milk or cornflakes.
  • Set of towels.
  • Shark puppets or gummy sharks.
  • Color magic bath book game.
  • Pond or water table.

The Super Easy and Cheap Stuff To Use in Water Games

  • Colorful water.
  • Bright color balloons.
  • Home/garden pools.
  • Ribbons and flags.
  • Sponges.
  • Buckets, plastic bowls, and mugs.
  • Molds, chalks, and pool toys.
  • Water guns and bottles.
  • Garden showers, hoses, or water sprinklers.
  • Diving rings, beach towels, tees, etc.

Things To Keep in Mind While Creating And Developing Water Games For Kids

Make sure kids do enjoy your water game ideas with friends this summer. However, as parents, it is crucial to monitor and guide them. There are certain factors you need to keep in mind while creating Fun Outdoor Water Games for Toddlers. Let us find some of them as follows-

  1. Ensure if water games are only created with simple and fun, engaging ideas.
  2. Keep the safety kit or first-aid kit ready while kids play water games or outdoor games, even obstacle challenges.
  3. Water games must be age-appropriate, promising no compromise on enjoyment.
  4. Keep the weather conditions prior, as the only ideal for playing in the summertime.
  5. You can create water games in the backyard, garden, or picnic spot during weekends and holidays.
  6. Good to keep your toddlers safe and healthy.
  7. Do monitor your kids for safe playtime with friends.
  8. Water games can be best to enjoy during pool parties, kids’ birthday celebrations, etc.

Bottom Line

You are planning a water party for your kids this summer. Why not pick out the above-mentioned Fun Outdoor Water Games for Toddlers and teens. Let your kids explore water splashes and enjoy with friends. So many water gaming ideas can let you and your children have fun family time at home or picnic. 

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