Enjoyable Games For Kids. Different Types of Outdoor Games

You can not bound kids always to be inside, and it is not healthy for their physical development. Not every child loves to play outside, but still, parents do encourage them to make friends and play with them in the backyard or kids’ park. Today the popularity of video games, live gaming, and tech activities has made children trapped indoors, and so has their health.

However, the fact is, both indoor and outdoor games exist with their own advantages and disadvantages. Outdoor gaming for kids helps them boost immunity, improves fitness, is good for mental stimulation, and more. With Different Types of Outdoor Games, children get away to think and act. It even allows them to be more creative and enhance their imagination. When it comes to social behavior, kids learn to make friends and behave socially, thus helps in developing skills and personalities.

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Amazing Different Types of Outdoor Games

Hide and Seek Kids Game

Hide and Seek

These are fascinating outdoor games that can be played among kids and their parents. Of course, it is a superb game for family and friends to spend quality time. One goes den (as finder) in this multiple-player outdoor activity, and others have to hide. The finder has to count until the voice comes to find others hiding players. Closing eyes and counting for 10, 20, and even 100 let other players hide safely. Hide and can be played indoors and outdoors. 

Kick the Can

This is somewhat similar to hide and seek but a little different and fun engaging. This one is “it,” and other players have the safest chance to hide. The one who is “It” has to close eyes and count to specific numbers. The captured players can be released if un-captured players hit the can or kick the can. Kids love this game to be played outdoors, like backyard, playground, picnic spots, etc.

Traffic Cop

This outdoor game does need precautions and guidance from parents/teachers/guardians. It can be played on the street with zero traffic zone. For this, parents or teachers must arrange wagons, bikes, wagons, pedestrians, etc. Teachers or parents do monitor and guide kids not to run here and there. It would be fun and learning as well. Children can easily learn traffic rules and safety measures and can enjoy themselves with their friends.

Four Squares

Draw four squares and needed a playground ball too. Let each player stand in each drawn square, and one outer the boxes has to bounce the ball. If it catches, a person is eliminated. The game can be customized with multiple rules.


Don’t tell; you have played a hopscotch grid game. It is just a nice square playful activity that is created with sidewalk chalk. It is the multiplayer game of tossing rock and bouncing. In the list of Different Types of Outdoor Games for children, hopscotch is th excellent count continue pattern game. It helps kids to develop skills in counting and let mental stimulation. Moreover also good for physical strength, and as they learn to balance and jump.

Double Dutch Rope Jumping

Children do love jump rope, especially the girls. It enhances body strength and skill development. Of course, it is fun to jump and even more enjoyable when a couple of friends do it together. However, due care for the kid’s age while adding challenges in rope jump activity. Not are skilled and can do double dutch; it is challenging; however, a single jump rope is finer.


Okay! That colorful small shiny balls are always fascinating for kids to play with friends in the backyard, picnic spots, park, etc. Just played with some general rules, and one by one, each player takes a chance to knock each other’s marbles out from the circle. The marble that goes out is a win-win one for the player who hits that.

Tag (Shadow Tag, Freeze Tag)

Anybody can play this outdoor game with kids to have fun and quality time. It is a game of one player to be “it” who has to chase other people around and tag one of them. The person who gets tag becomes “it.” Some children also love to play shadow tag or freeze tag, as both are different from the tag. In shadow tag, instead of tagging the body with the hand, the shadow is tagged, and in freeze tag, “it” has to tag, and players need to be freeze until the other unfreeze players touch the frozen player.

Light-Light Game (Red Light, Green Light)

It can be played outside and inside as well. One player can be a traffic light at one end, and other players keep themselves on another side (opposite). When traffic light faces players, he/she says Red Light, and everyone needs to be freeze. The time when the player who is traffic light shows back and says “Green Light,” other players can move quickly. If anyone is found to be moved in the Red Light zone, then spotted to be out.

Musical Chair

Of course, one of the most fun, engaging games for kids and adults. It is played at kids’ parties, friends’ celebrations, picnics, schools, kindergarten, and more. In this, few chairs are placed or arranged to face outward or say the opposite. Then one plays the music, and players have to walk around the placed chairs. Once the music stops, players have to sit on chairs, then one left is out from the game. The chair used in-game is fewer than a number of players. And with each player is out, one chair is also removed.

Other Super Entertaining Outdoor Games

  • Telephone.
  • Freeze Dance.
  • Hand-Claps.
  • Heads Up, Seven Up.
  • Macro Polo.
  • Blind Man’s Bluff.
  • Capture The Flag.

The Bottom Line 

Playing outdoor is really a fantastic experience for everyone, including kids, friends, and family. It even benefits health in multiple ways and keeps you more active. Precisely with many Different Types of Outdoor Games, one can learn and enjoy. It even simulates mental growth with physical development. When it comes to social-cultural behavior, outdoor gaming and activities let children improve their skills and personality. Moreover also good to be more responsible and caring souls.

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