Amazing Quarantine Birthday Ideas for Kids

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted our lives; not only adults and elders but even kids get affected by it. Almost everything has changed our life as many lost their jobs, many lost lives. Apart from health consequences, coronavirus has majorly crashed the financial outcome of people and enjoyment out. 

Typically it was hard for children to understand the seriousness of the pandemic, which affected their mental and physical development. In the covid-19 lockdown, the stress on no celebration and the party has made kids more lazy and sad. So if your kids are facing it the same, no worry, the blog is right for you.

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We have figure out some Quarantine Birthday Ideas for Kids to make this covid birthday more special and memorable. Made your children’s birthday party more enjoyable and creative during the pandemic time. 

Incredible Quarantine Birthday Ideas For Kids

kids birthday ideas during quarantine

The celebration can be fun and memorable for kids with below mentioned Quarantine Birthday Ideas. So let us scroll below and know more. To make your kids happy and healthy during a pandemic, it good is to arrange birthday parties at home. However, it is complete lockdown; the digital party celebration is fun for kids and their friends. 

Scavenger Hunt

Make your kids engaged and happy with this creative birthday idea in-home or even in the neighbourhood. You can hide a few goodies and presents and let your kids find them with down hints. This is, of course, an exciting way to make quarantine birthday celebrations enjoyable. Go with both indoor and outdoor locations to string a few unique surprises for your child.

Virtual Party Blast

Let your kids enjoy a virtual birthday party with friends and family. Host it with a plan to give celebration goodies and stuff to their friends and connected online on their birthday. Video calling, party videos, and messaging in the group with social media apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts is good. Hit it with a beautiful and cool birthday invitation to your kid’s friends and teachers with time and date to join the celebration. You can even ask for birthday costumes in invites to enjoy it together. Invest in online gifting and party cake and chocolates to their friends.

Nearby Birthday Parade

Follow the pandemic instructions and be with your kids when doing it, as the parade has to be held in nearby locations. Use masks and hand sanitisers while doing a drive-by parade. As your child will be going out with friends to play and celebrate a birthday so needs to be safe and healthy. Make your car and their friend’s parents involved in this, with simple and bubbly decors and drive-by parade safely. Use balloons, streamers, ribbons and signs in the birthday parade celebration.


Not only kids but adults do also love camping. So plan a birthday out to a safe campground. It is a family camping then enjoy it together. Moreover, if you can invite your child’s friends and family, then a next-level fun. Carry all camping supplies and stuff to make it a worth exploring and adventurous birthday out. If you have a spacious backyard or front yard, then enjoy and celebrate your birthday there. Go with BBQ ideas, decorate it with balloons, lights, birthday banners, tents etc., to create a birthday more memorable and fancy.

Watch Cartoon/Movie

Host a virtual movie party on your kids birthday. Have tools like Netflix Party or Watch2Gether to join and celebrate birthdays in a new way. Go with cartoon and age-appropriate movies like Disney Frozen, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast etc. Make sure to arrange candies, popcorns, horn blowers etc.

Order Child’s Favourite Food For Loved Restaurant

This is, of course, family time to enjoy a birthday at home during pandemic quarantine. If you want to host a virtual party for your kid, then order something nice and yummy for their friends too. Else enjoy complete private family time by ordering a favourite meal from the loved restaurant. You can order snacks, cakes, muffins etc., at home to enjoy and celebrate.

Virtual Game Night

Games are lovable to all, especially to kids, to entertain and have a good time together. However, this very time, children can not go out and enjoy games with friends; thus, virtual game night or party is something new. Get them a game that can be played with friends online on different gaming platforms. Video games and streaming online games on birthday is fun. Get them Xbox or Playstation.

Other Quarantine Birthday Ideas For Kids To Enjoy

kids birthday ideas during quarantine

The ideas are endless, but when intact in budget and location, then, of course, making your kid happy on a special day is a priority. Make your child’s birthday creative, memorable and unique with the below ideas-

Paint Party

Give your kid perfect paint essentials like art papers, craft materials, colours etc., to create artwork. Add birthday goodies and surprises in craft box and paint party packs.

Backyard Games

Yes good idea to have backyard games and obstacles if your children have pandemic fuss on their birthday. Add unique obstacles like a water balloon, water gun fights, pool games, dance, swing etc.

Different Party Treat Surprise

Shop and order different cookies, snacks, cakes and foodstuff liked by your kid. Go to your child’s favourite bakery and restaurant for online food ordering.

Sing Song And Fun

You can let karaoke or other singing platforms enjoy singing songs. Moreover, you can even invite your kid’s friends to join the club and sing together virtually.

Bottom Line

In this coronavirus pandemic, every celebration and party plans are no more exciting, but the ones mentioned earlier will still give some relief and memories to you kids. However, these party and birthday plans are not that fantastic like going out, making a picnic plan, throw a party in the cafe is more fun engaging. Backyard camping, virtual calling and invites to friends, so many ideas can make your child’s birthday enjoyable and safe.

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