How To Make Your Own Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course?

Developing Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course is tricky and challenging as you need to keep certain considerations prior. If designing and creating for kids, you need to be more conscious about safety and age recommendations.

If you are still not in favor of playing your kids in public gardens due to health and safety concerns, the best is to create Backyard Obstacle Course. We are sure your kids will love it to explore and have fun with family and friends. It’s even an excellent way to keep your children indulge in physical activity and give them mental exercise too.

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In this article, we will be highlighting some hacks to make your own Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. We will also be discussing safety tips; parents need to take care while building any Obstacle Course For Kids.

The Things You Can Use For DIY Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

There is an array of stuff available at home, and you can use it to build any DIY Backyard Obstacle Course for children. However, some of the things you can find at your home can be purchased at affordable rates.

PVC Pipes

You can build PVC Hurdles for your kids from 3/4 inch pipes. Join the pipes with T joints and 90-degree elbows for more accuracy. You can give the hurdles different heights levels, not much heightened, but some variety is good to play and jump.

Sloped Palette Stepping Stones

You can easily create slopped stepping stones made up of wooden pallets and blocks. These are literally the fun, engaging obstacle course ideas for children to play. You can be made easily at home with different variations in sizes to make obstacle courses more adventurous.

Wooden Stepping Stones

Use flat wooden square pieces and place those boards on the ground to form a track for a fun run. Kids will love to jump, stand and run on the wooden track during obstacle course playtime.

DIY Balance Beam

You can effortlessly create DIY balancing beams for more exploring fun in Backyard Obstacle Courses. Give beam worth of support for better grip on ground for children to cross and balance the body. To avoid any fuss of injury, nicely screw them up, ensuring more stability.

Tree Trunks

You can lace tree trunks while creating Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for younger and older kids. These look awesome as well to sit and talk with friends and family if not playing. Tree trunks can be ideal for kids to stand, jump and balance the body.

Pipe Tunnel

You can build pipe tunnels for kids to crawl under it as a challenge in the obstacle course. For pipe tunnels, use colorful water pipes that can be easily molded and attach.

Wooden or Plastic Slides

Either create DIY wooden slides for your children or purchase child-friendly plastic slides or playset to make obstacle courses more fun and enjoyable moment.

Use Cargo Nets And Ropes

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Not that way, to injured kids, of course. Make a friendly and wise net obstacle for kids to climb and grip.

Use Old Tyres

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Keep tires in Obstacle Course For Kids to jump and race. You can even use them for DIY swings for a more seamless adventure.


Create a wooden ladder at home or get one for kids to use in the obstacle course you had designed for children.

The Safety Hacks To Keep In Mind While Creating Obstacle Course For Kids

Indeed imperative to keep kids safe during playtime. However, kids love to run, climb, jump and push each other during games; thus, the risk of injuries is more. Here below, we describe some of the significant safety tips for children to be safe and secure at maximum. 

  • Keep every obstacle age-appropriate for more fun and enjoyment.
  • Make sure of the obstacles you have built are ideally adventurous and safe for kids.
  • Obstacle courses should be created thoughtfully with ideal dimensions and space.
  • The obvious is to build courses challenges more unique for children to make them engage for hours.
  • Good is to keep the first aid kit ready to deal with scratches and injuries anytime.
  • Design obstacles with materials that are non-toxic, well coated, smoother on the surface, and finely edged.
  • If creating water obstacles, then keep an eye on kids and ready with safety measures.
  • The ideal is to monitor children during Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses, as kids love to jump, climb, run so that they might hurt.

The Great Benefits of DIY Backyard Obstacle Courses

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There are ample reasons to prove that DIY Obstacle Courses For Kids are great.

  • They are pocket-friendly.
  • Gives everyone a chance to be more creative and thoughtful.
  • DIY Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses are easy to assemble and disassemble anytime, thus save space.
  • Your Backyard Obstacle Course is good during special days to spend quality time with friends and family members.
  • Home hosted parties, birthdays, get-togethers, obstacle courses at home are a great way to enjoy.
  • Building different challenges and games in obstacle courses will give kids better development and growth.
  • It will give your children health and moral values simultaneously.
  • For kids, obstacle courses are better ways for physical exercise, mental stimulation, and psychological development.

Final Thoughts

Building a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course can be challenging, as parents need to be thoughtful and creative in ideas. However, keep the age of their kids and safety in mind is more precise. If planning to create a DIY Backyard Obstacle Course, Guardians must understand the space and plan according to it. Home-based obstacles will keep kids more safe, adventurous, and engaging for playtime whenever they are bored. 

If you are making mind to make any Obstacle Course For Kids, we hope to take help from our mentioned ideas. Moreover, give this blog a further read and know more about safety hacks and benefits to plan any obstacle course can be a fun moment for the family to spend together.

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