How To Make An Obstacle Course Outside?

Well, spring is knocking on our doors, and with blooming flowers and color splashes, kids love to explore and play. Children are active and love to play with their friends in gardens and backyards. Kids playing more outdoor games will have better physical and mental health and even learn social and moral norms to corporate with friends during gameplay.

If you want your kids not to hang out in public gardens due to Pandemic Covid-19, why not create a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course at home backyard. This would be great to keep children active, physically motivated, and healthy. In this blog, we will be summarizing some of the excellent Obstacle Course For Kids to enjoy in the backyard with family and friends.

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How To Make An Obstacle Course Outside Ninja Warrior

Things To Keep In Mind While Creating Any Backyard Obstacle Course For Children

Safety Is Major

No matter what is the age of your kids, keeping them safe is your prior responsibility, especially during playtime. While creating any Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, keep sharp things, metal items, and stones away to avoid serious injuries. However, another significant point is to keep the first-aid or safety kit always ready and nearby.

Adult Supervision

Make sure whenever kids are playing, running, climbing, or jumping, you are nearby to control them. Don’t create any Backyard Obstacle Course which is not safe and age recommended. Keep games within low-level heights to avoid an accidental fall and injury.

Area Should Be Spacious

As you know, Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course and games come with a lot of physical activities and tasks. Thus develop it in a spacious area, where kids can freely run, jump, crawl, and climb. This will also lower the risk of physical injuries and ensure more exercise.

Ground Should Be Non-Slippery

Children during playtime or more physical running slip and get small scratches. Keep the backyard ground non-slippery to enhance their safety. Before kids start for any playtime, grip them good sports shoes; thus, it would make them safe and well gripped while running, climbing, and jumping.

Keep Obstacle Course According To Age

You know your children and their friends’ age, so keep the Backyard Obstacle Course according to their age-group only. If your kids are below seven, make sure you don’t develop any game related to climb and jump. However, children with growing age can go with such obstacle challenges.

How To Build A Ninja Warrior Course In Your Backyard?

How To Make An Obstacle Course Outside Ninja Warrior

Developing Obstacle Course For Kids in the backyard is all about the creativity of parents. DIY hacks and ideas are more appropriate and safe. If you don’t want to spend much on backyard courses, search the internet and learn more about age-appropriate Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses for children.

Things You Can Use To Create Obstacle Course For Kids

Let’s talk on some of the obstacle course essentials you need for simple, easy, and DIY obstacle course ideas.

  1. Carboards.
  2. Tyres.
  3. Pool Noodles.
  4. Skipping Ropes.
  5. Scrap Lumber and Wooden Blocks.
  6. Tunnels.
  7. Stumps or wickets.
  8. Bean Bag.
  9. Ropes and Nets.
  10. Tennis Balls, plastic blocks, basketball, football, etc.
  11. Hula Hoops.
  12. Water Bottles, plywood stools, balloons, ribbons, kids beach toy set, flags, etc.
  13. Wet sponges, buckets, rings, cones, ladders, etc., are good prompts.
How To Make An Obstacle Course Outside Ninja Warrior

Some Great Ninja Warrior Ideas For Children

1. Kids just love to crawl on the ground, so plan an obstacle task with military crawling, bear walk crawl, or crab walk. Good is to use multi-color pool noodles or pipes. This will help in better movement skills.

2. For a better vestibular system, create obstacles with a seesaw and playboards. You can create agility tasks to enhance their body execution and balance. Develop a running area with cones, flags, hurdles for more adventure.

3. For extra fun, kids will develop Backyard Obstacle Course with a spacious area to jump and run. Put cardboard boxes, hurdles, plywoods, tires, hula hoop, pogo stick, and more to jump easily and safely.

How To Make An Obstacle Course Outside Ninja Warrior

4.Create body balancing obstacles and play games to improve their strength and focus on the body. Use slackline, beam balance wood to have a small bridge-type area for balancing tasks during the game.

5. Ninja Warrior Obstacles Courses are incomplete with climbing tasks. Kids love to climb like ninja warriors, so create medium heightened climbing obstacles for them. You can use ladders, nets, ropes for more grip, and safety. Keep your kid’s age priority in mind.

6. Crossing and money bars are more promising to make your kids stronger; they even give the body growth. However, you need to be specific on age and safety measures to develop such obstacle courses.

7. Running is a next-level adventure for kids, and in Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses, running and hitting the target is exploring fun. You can put cones, flags, hurdle, or bumps in the running track to execute, run, and balance the body.

The Keys To Obstacle Courses

Time Limit

Indeed, a good idea to make kids learn about efficiency, perfection, and punctuality. You can decide if you want to set a timmer for an obstacle or not. This is precise but important is to avoid unnecessary stress and hurries, as it can lead to injury or even game cheating.


It is crucial to avoid overcrowding and keeping everyone safer if there are multiple players in any obstacle game. Create small groups with 2-4 players, one timekeeping space, and time in mind.


Never miss to create obstacles that need teamwork. As it is the right way to learn and teach kids about help, care, teamwork, and true friendship. It’s obviously an extra motivating part.

Gifts and Medals

Get ready to praise kids for their efforts, winning with small hampers, gifts, and medals. This will encourage them to be more active and sporty.

How To Make An Obstacle Course Outside Ninja Warrior

Good Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses Purchase Needs

These are only good if you are creating obstacle courses for teens and adolescents. Get some good essentials from the market and let your kids enjoy more.

  • Ninja Line.
  • Slackline.
  • Hanging Monkey.
  • The Tightrope Walker.
  • The Spread Eagle.
  • Ninja Warrior Grips.
  • Ninja Hooks.
  • Pegboard.
  • Slides.
How To Make An Obstacle Course Outside Ninja Warrior

Final Verdict

As a parent or guardian, creating Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for children can be challenging and confusing. Therefore, you need to creative, thoughtful, and well planner to make kids learn new things, get inspired, and stay active during playtime at home. Before creating any Obstacle Course for Kids, notify certain safety points prior to keep the fuss of injuries away.

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