How To Make An Obstacle Course For A 9 Month Old?

Crawling babies are adorable but even curious to understand the world around them. Thus parents need to take a lot of care and make a lot more effort to keep them secure. Keeping them engaged in toys is not possible every time, so what to do to keep them indulge, happy, and have a fun time. 

Think for super easy and simple obstacle courses for toddlers and infants. This will help them to giggle, laugh, and move. For 9 months old babies, as parents, you need to conscious. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the super DIY and easy obstacle courses for little ones.

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The Obstacles For Crawler and Toddlers

How To Make An Obstacle Course For A 9 Month Old

Here some of the safe and easy obstacles for babies below 9 months.

Cushion/Pillow Obstacle Course

Just take differently sized and colored cushions and pillows and place them up on a safe couch, sofa, and floor so that toddlers don’t get hurt and hit. You can also keep soft toys, fluffy balls, blankets to create such obstacle courses for them. With cushions, blankets, toys, and pillows, try to create tunnels, ramps, and slides for infants to crawl and roll in between cozy stuff. You can place some chew toys and balls for toddlers to enjoy the sounds and giggle for more fun activities.

Cozy Mountain Range Obstacle Course

You can use pillows, blankets, towels, cushions, tablecloths, bedsheets in this obstacle course development for toddlers. Using different clothing textures and colors will help infants enhance their learning on a particular shade, print, and pattern. In the middle of creating mountain range obstacles, you can place their favorite toys, chew balls, and musical soft toys to enjoy and engage in the game.

Colourful Obstacle Course

With a variety of toys, soft cushions, pillows, colorful ribbons, balls, and balloons, make a place to enter for crawlers. They will just love to play with separate multi-color spaces with variations of stuff for hours. If you are creating such space in the room, use bean bags and rugs for more softness and fluffiness for infants.

Multi-Layered Obstacle Course

Create a separate area in-room or safe gallery with different obstacles to a place like hurdles. It will give the toddler a way to crawl and know more about different toys, colorful stuff, etc. In this obstacle course, you can create the first part with cushions or pillows, then on bit distance keep soft toys or soft blocks. You can develop shade made of paper ribbons, silk ribbons, bells, and balloons at the next level. Then place a few rugs or blankets and create a tunnel to enjoy and explore for toddlers.

The Advantages of Creating Obstacle Courses For Babies Below 9 Months

How To Make An Obstacle Course For A 9 Month Old

Well, with the creation of an obstacle course for babies, you must understand how these games and pastimes will enhance your little one’s growth and development. Here below are some excellent benefits to obstacle courses.

Improve Grasping

For babies, obstacle courses will help in the improvement of grasping and holding of objects. It will even benefit in hand-eye coordination and enhance fine motor skill development.

For Locomotor Skills

More physical activity will give the toddler body good movement. Thus it will improve his/her locomotor skills like climbing, lifting, climbing, and sliding.

Give Strength To Body Functionality

With the movement of the neck, hands, legs, back, head in different directions are good for the body and muscular strength of toddlers. It will benefit in gross motor skills too.

Ideal For Growth and Development

For the overall growth and development of babies, obstacle courses are ideal. It will give them good posture and improve body balancing power. Obstacle courses for crawlers and toddlers will give them stability in health.

Spend Quality Time

Of course, obstacle courses are playtime for babies, so they will just enjoy, laugh, and giggle. Thus good for the mental stimulation and emotional development of babies. It gives you as parent and child a better way to understand and spend time together. Activities like clapping, giggling, laughing, and other cheerful movements will give babies a way to understand and recognize different voices and sounds.

Some Crucial Safety Tips To Keep Babies Safe While Playing Obstacle Courses

As a parent, you need to conscious and careful when the baby crawls on the floor. Some safety tips are crucial to be followed by parents of babies and toddlers are mentioned below.

  1. It is important to keep the floor clean and hygienic before creating an obstacle course for crawlers. Good is to place some fluffy rugs and carpets on the area where baby crawl.
  2. Keep all metal things like decor items, statues, wooden blocks, furniture away from the place of the obstacle course.
  3. Always ready your safety and first aid kid read with baby-safe bandages, lotions, sanitizers, etc.
  4. Crucial is to place soft toys and fluffy cushions, blankets, rugs, pillows as maximum as you can to avoid an injury.
  5. Place things in the obstacle course; they don’t create fuss and stress in babies’ mood while playing.
  6. Good is to make any baby or toddler obstacle course in a spacious location, indoor or outdoor.
  7. Let them spend hours as the maximum they want. Don’t interrupt them during play; just watch their activities.
  8. Keep all toxic materials and electric appliances out of the reach of toddlers and crawlers.
  9. Create a babies-safety zone with all non-toxic stuff, colorful things, stuff toys, ballons, musical balls, etc.
  10. Do watch them for a confined and safe play. Keep your pets away for a few hours if you want.

Final Verdict

The creation of any obstacle course for babies below 9 months has not many choices for parents. However, safety is the major aspect parents need to keep in mind. As crawlers and toddlers have a habit of touching everything.

It is even healthy to keep hygiene as a major point and place non-toxic toys and fabrics around as sensitive and soft babies. Good is to develop an obstacle course with fluffy stuff and chew toys they love to play with. This will help them in better growth and development. The more obstacles you will create will give your babies an excellent chance to explore and learn.

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