Outdoor Activities For 8 Year Olds

Outstanding is to make your kids engage in more outdoor games. Indoor games are quite skillful yet bound to physical movement. There are countless ideas for outdoor activities for children to enjoy this summer. 

Amazing Outdoor Activities For 8 Years Olds

Here in this article, we will be suggesting some of the amazing Outdoor Activities For 8 Years Olds. Let’s illustrate them below.

ninja warrior obstacle course by kidwee

Treasure Hunts 

Kids will love to play treasure hunt activities. In this, you can hide some toys, coins or sweets and ask them to find and win. You can create this gaming activity for children in the backyard, picnic spots, birthday parties, kids’ competitions, etc. This treasure hunt game is a fun activity for children 6-12 years old. For more enjoyment, you can make it a themed treasure hunt gameplay.

Play Tag

This outdoor game can be played among kids and adults in fun parties, birthday celebrations, picnic outings, camping, etc. In this, one player has to be “it” and then have to tag other players. The game is complete enjoyment for childrens to spend quality time with friends and family. It ensures the maximum of physical activity that gives body warm-up.

Rock Painting (Stone Art)

If your kids are enthusiastic and creative, why not engage them in rock painting. Children love to play in mud and fond of mess, so let them play and create. Stone art or paintings are a great way to make kids more thoughtful in ideas.


Climbing on rocks can be dangerous for kids, so make sure you keep a safety kit ready. Children feel happy to climb on trees and walls in the playground. It makes them strong and improves confidence.

Creative Chalking

Let your kids free-mind in such outdoor chalking activity. This will give children a way to think creatively and draw new things on concrete, driveways, rocks, etc. Chalking activities can be fun and even can be enjoyable. You can even create hopscotch, tic, tac, toe, and other activities.

Water Play Games

Water games are best for kids to enjoy, especially on hot summer days and weekends. You can take them out to water parks to have splash fun in swimming pools with friends and family. If you plan for a family-together party, birthday celebration, or vacation weekend, then create a super cool aqua obstacle in the backyard. You can water balloons, toys, color (non-toxic) to such water activities.

Finding Bugs

Give your children and their friend’s bug hunt task. Make a plan to take them to nearby kids’ parks, picnic spots and look for plants, bugs, butterflies, etc. Encourage them to be close to nature, with birds and animals into natural habitat.


Not only kids but adults also love camping. It’s incredible for children to enjoy and learn new things away from home and out from comfort zone. Take your kids out for camping trips to explore new adventures and experience new things in outdoor locations.

Bike Riding/Scooter Riding

Precisely, outdoor activities come with the bike, cycle, and scooter riding. Make sure the area kids ride their bikes and cycles are safe and under kids play zone only.

Walking And Learning

It would be fun to take children for a simple walk nearby, or even can plan for a natural walk in gardens, jungles to explore. Take them to morning walk or evening walk to see new things and learn. This is obviously an outstanding outdoor activity.

More Incredible Outdoor Activities For 8 Year Olds

There are countless adventurous activities you can create for kids to enjoy and explore. Some of them easy way and funny outdoor games and activities are detailed below.

  1. Take them to the zoo, or wildlife sanctuaries, etc., to see birds, animals and feel natural beauty.
  2. Sand play nearby beach within the safe zone for kids to play worth good.
  3. Organize jump rope, races, ball games, etc., for children and their friends to enjoy.

The Points To Remember To Keep In Mind While Planning For Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Keep Safety Prior: So crucial, of course. Make sure the place you picked for outdoor activity like the playground, picnic spots, camping site, the backyard is safe for children to explore and play. Ensure safe outdoor activities, and the risk of any injury/accidents is less.
  2. Create Activities Appropriate To Age: Don’t avoid it indeed. Create outdoor play activities for kids that are actually age-appropriate. Do make sure of the kid’s potentials, skills, and interests.
  3. Ready With First Aid Kit And Emergency Numbers: Kids love to climb, run, and jump during outdoor playtime. Thus the risk of getting injured is quite common. So always keep the first aid kit and emergency number ready and handy.
  4. Provide Them Drinks And Snacks: To keep children active and energetic, provide them healthy energy drinks like fresh juices, smoothies, etc. Never miss carrying healthy snacks for everyone.
  5. Make Them Learn To Stay Away From Strangers: Good is to make your children understand, to stay away from strangers. Keep them learn to maintain distance from people they don’t recognize and not be friendly with strangers. They should even beware of the surroundings. If anything seems strange, they must return or call for help immediately.
  6. Be Prepared: Tell your kids to be prepared for game falls and failures. Make them learn to stay motivated even they lose during playtime. Encourage them to make new friends, cooperate with them nicely. Let your kids out from routine explore the world in the way they want until it’s safe and monitored. This will help them develop psychological, behavioral, and social skills, apart from gross motor skills.

Final Verdict

Outdoor activities are always awesome for kids to keep them healthy and fit. It even brings an amazing way to boost confidence and stay motivated. With the best outdoor games and activities, children will learn new things, make new friends, and develop great skills. The above-listed some of the Outdoor Activities For 8 Year Old kids will definitely help you as a parent to encourage them for outdoor games.

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