Indoor and Outdoor Gross Motor Activities For Toddlers & Little Kids

Gross motor skills are an excellent way for kids to learn and make them healthy. Whether it’s an indoor game or outdoor, gross motor skills play a crucial role in a child’s development.

Lots of games and fun, engaging activities help children to develop such skills. Preschoolers’ physical growth within the activities to run, jump, catch, throw, etc.

Let talk in deep about gross motor skills for kids and how imperative they are.

Indoor Activities For Gross Motor Skill Development

Just a clean and clear space in the room is fair enough for kids to enjoy playtime, which benefits gross motor development.

  1. Build and Let Kids To Navigate: Create indoor obstacle games for preschoolers that are safe and according to age. Use pillows, cushions, towels, blankets, boxes, etc., to develop their motor skills.
  2. Free To Dance: Let your kids dance and move. It will give them fun and enhance gross motor skills. Movement in the head, shoulder, knees, etc., will give them enjoyment and health.
  3. Hopping: Make them safe priorly, especially for infants and preschoolers. Use masking tape, cardboard, or boxes to create hopping obstacles indoors.
  4. Art and Craft: Engage your kids in art and craft activities. This will give them a free way to think, paint, create and help in large motor skills.
  5. Playing Pretend: Preschoolers love to be a duck, robots, horses, and more, so just let them free to be anything they can imagine and play.
  6. Push and Pull: Child’s play goes with colorful toys like wagons, carts, large trucks, doll strollers, etc. This is an amazing and good way to develop gross motor skills.

Outdoor Activities For Gross Motor Skill Development

Outdoor activities and games need to be done at the safest location for kids. Moreover, such playtime with friends is adventurous, learning, and healthy. Here below are some fantastic outdoor activities for your kid’s gross motor development.

  1. Create Homemade Beam: Create a low beam in the backyard or play area for your children.
  2. Obstacle Courses: Consider your children’s age before you create obstacles. Use rocks, logs, bean bags, boxes, etc., for outdoor and homemade obstacles.
  3. Give Them Backyard Activities: Tricycle riding, push wagons, riding scooters, etc., is more fun and good for gross motor skills. Children also love climbing, jumping, running, so let them free and safe. Kicking, throwing, rolling with toys is also good.
  4. Water Games In Backyard: Create water play games in the backyard or playground for kids.
  5. Local Visit In Neighbourhood: Why not add activities like marching, jogging, and walking in the nearby area. You can even engage other kids living nearby and friends to have beautiful parade forms on weekends to enhance kids’ outdoor activity and skills development.

Some Amazing Games For Gross Motor Skills

Here below, we are detailing some of the best gross motor games for children to learn, enjoy and boost skills.

  1. Target n Hit: You can use hula hoops and chalks to create this game on the ground to aim at bean bags or balls, etc.
  2. Brook Jump: Place two ropes and draw lines with chalk to be a brook. Give kids a task to jump over it. Good is to make wider to narrow lines, with a level of challenge for more fun and learning.
  3. Paper Plate Skates: If your kids can good to balance themselves, create paper plate skates to glide on the carpet.
  4. Kids Soccer: Obviously not a real game. Make it unique yet fun engaging for kids. Let your children spend quality time while kicking the ball and reaching it to their goal. Use a cardboard box or laundry basket as a soccer goal.
  5. Other Games: let your kids free to play other outdoor games like follow the leader, the mother may I, Simon says, etc. Such are the best games to play in the playground or backyard with friends and family.

Easy-Peasy Motor Skills Activities For Preschoolers

Kids at any age love to draw and color. Moreover, it’s an easy way for preschoolers to indulge in learning, skill development, and fun. It gives them the strength to grip and hold things with little hands. Some of the easy-peasy and amazing skill development activities are as follows:

  • Coloring and tracing with colors, crayons, pencils, markers, chalks, etc.
  • Simple kitchen tasks like grip glass drink themselves, tearing, using a butter knife, sprinkling, etc.
  • Fingerplays songs and rhymes.
  • Lacing and crafting cards, stringing beads, etc.
  • Playing educational toys like blocks, puzzles, dolls, clothes, balls, puppets, etc.
  • Sand play games like scooping, pouring, sifting, building are wonderful ways too.

Tips For Kids Safety During Gross Motor Skills Activities And Games

Let’s highlight on best safety tips you must consider while making playtime activities, games, and obstacles for children. Do keep the precautions prior to safeguarding your kids and troubleshoots away.

  • Take your children’s age and ability before creating any activity or game.
  • Keep safety kit or first aid box ready.
  • Do monitor your kids during playtime in the backyard or kids’ play area.
  • Keep sharp edges things and objects away.
  • Do encourage them to play and learn more.
  • Create obstacles on which are ideally good for them.
  • Do keep break time and food intervals to serve water, juices, and healthy food.
  • Use toys or materials that are non-toxic and harmful for kids, as they are sensitive.

Bottom Line

Parents of preschoolers are tough, as the chances to get hurt and injured is more when they are active to touch anything as they love to explore. For gross motor skills, development, and learning enhancement, create activities that are appropriate to age and interest.

Do engage them with friends will give them more encouragement and motivation to have the best of what they learn and create. However, keep their safety as a significant aspect, too, as kids get hurt easily.