How To Make An Obstacle Course At Home?

On average, kids today are more prone to play indoor games, watching cartoons, and pastime with gadgets. This, indeed, unhealthy for them, but fewer parents take care of this aspect. Playing games online with gaming consoles is good for not that worth healthy, as they just stimulate the mind but not the body.

Physical activities are majorly crucial for children to have better health, tremendous growth, and improved metabolism. It is estimated that only 33 per cent of kids are active in playing and exercise for more than 60-minutes (an hour) per day. And less than 18 per cent of children are prone to physical activities for less than 30-minutes.

ninja warrior obstacle course by kidwee

Thus foremost is; parents need to be attentive and thinkable for their kids healthy and development. They need to inspire their children to be more active in physical games and exercises like running, cycling, skating, swimming, etc. Encourage them for more physical movement every day, and this will help them boost confidence and improve their growth in multiple ways.

Today we will be summarizing about Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course For Kids. This will give you a way out to develop motor skills, potential, and personality. So let’s go in deep below.

What Are The Benefits of Creating a Simple Obstacle Course For Kids?

With the bit hit of American Ninja Warrior show, kids love to be active ninja, and love adventures obstacle courses. Visiting the local parks, and gardens are not always possible, so better is to create a safe and enjoyable ninja warrior game at home. You can thoughtfully develop Backyard Obstacle Course for kids to play at home with family and friends and spend quality time.

Creation of Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course will allow the whole family time to be more fun and active. It will indulge your children into more physical activity which is imperative for their growth and development. 

You can easily go for any creative obstacle game idea within your budget. Develop it with materials you have, but keep kids safety prior. Keep children age recommendation highlighted too.

How To Make An Obstacle Course At Home?

Some Crucial Benefits of Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

  • Make kids stronger and strengthen their body.
  • Improve functional and motor skills.
  • Good for children’s agility development.
  • Helps in better body and mind coordination.
  • Give body balance and awareness.
  • Ensures the growth and development physically, mentally and psychologically.
  • Boost inner strength, self-confidence and make them self reliance.
  • Better for body flexibility and movement.

Where To Build A Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course For Kids?

Look for the perfect environment that is safe and spacious for kids to jump, run, hide and do obstacle activities more. If you are lack ideas, then better is to search on the internet. Pick the terrain that is sufficient to explore for children with different obstacle parameters.

How To Make An Obstacle Course At Home - Where To Build An Obstacle Course For Kids

Outdoor Obstacle Courses

1. Backyard Obstacle Course

Create a ninja warrior course at your home backyard; this is the worth organized and perfect place for kids to play. Moreover, its safe area to explore for children to play anytime and as parents, you can observe and control their activities.

2. Schoolyard Obstacle Course

A school is always a good place for kids to learn and explore many things and activities. Thus building Obstacle Course for Kids at school will ensure excellent space and activities prop materials and playing equipment.

3. Local Park or Kids Garden Obstacle Course

Kids love to visit local parks and garden every evening or at least on weekends to play with friends. So look for the best park as they are the most spacious locations to create Ninja Obstacle Course. However, many local parks already design obstacle courses for children with different slides, jungle gym, hoop, fences, benches, wooden stools, picnic table, and much more. If the park near your home lacks in an obstacle course for kids. In that case, you can, as local authorities like municipal corporations and part maintenance officials create one for children to play, exercise, and explore.

Indoor Obstacle Courses

Build indoor obstacle courses is only good if you keep enough of safety and space imperative. Indoor obstacle games are ideal when environmental conditions are not in favour, or even fuss of pandemic like Covid-19 occurs and trap kids inside at home for months.

1. Home Obstacle Course: Backyard Obstacle Course

This kind of obstacle courses are of course, the part of home yet it’s outdoor not inside the house. So for in-house obstacle course good is looking for a separate room for kids to enjoy and entertain. Decide it wisely as keep your children age priority in mind always. Don’t craft ninja warrior courses for toddlers and notorious, but fun can be danger anytime. Keep sharp edge things, furniture, slippery rugs and carpets away. Don’t decorate the room with the item of glass and metal; it can be risky.

2. School Gym, Play Auditoriums and Hallway Obstacle Courses

For well exploring and organized Obstacle Course for Kids, school gym, hallway, play auditoriums are the safest indoor spaces. Here you can get good, and kids-safe materials to use in warrior games. Thus the building of any ninja warrior game here can be more fun and enjoyable for kids with friends.

What Type of Obstacle Can You Create?

Here below are some of easy-peasy yet unique Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course to play and pastime.

Indeed imperative to keep kids’ age, safety, ability and fitness in mind while building any Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. Good is to create obstacles with different activities for proper mind and body stimulation. Some of the best examples are mentioned below.

1. Agility: Create obstacles that will help kids to show their agility at maximum. It will enhance children power to think, act and execute accordingly. You can use tires, cones, etc. to build obstacle game more enjoyable.

How To Make An Obstacle Course At Home - Type Of Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

2. Jumping: Kids love to jump, but it can be dangerous. Perfect is to build safe heightened and level jumping obstacles for children like the hula hoop, tire jump, hurdles and more.

How To Make An Obstacle Course At Home - Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Learn Balancing

3. Balancing: To build your kids stronger and balanced, add activities that need perfect coordination. This will help kids to be focused and stable to target. Slackline are good but don’t miss safety.

How To Make An Obstacle Course At Home - Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Climbing

4. Climbing: Kids love to climb up, so create obstacles activities with safe and few heightened climbing. You can keep ladders, stone climbing as games but keep your kids age and their safety major.

5. Blow Up Balloons: Can be fun to see kids Inflating colourful balloons.

How To Make An Obstacle Course At Home - Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Crawling

6. Crawling: You can go with non-toxic and colourful interconnected pipes for kids to play. Give them an activity to crawl under them, or jump them without touching pipes. You can even use cardboard boxes, net, tunnels etc., to explore more crawling fun activities.

The Things You Need To Create Obstacles

Use only those safe, non-toxic and kids-friendly materials in building Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses for children. Your time, energy and efforts are the maxima needed. The materials you can use to create obstacles are as follows:

  • Use wood and cardboards.
  • Use tires and ropes.
  • Kids-friendly hurdles, culvert, sawhorses, cargo net, ladders, slides etc.
  • Make sandbags and pool noodle obstacles.
  • Use the bucket, sponges, lightweight plastic balls, chairs, laundry bags, etc.
  • Keep bean bags, frisbee, tunnels, jump ropes, basketballs, tennis balls, and more.

Final Verdict

Ninja warrior obstacle course for kids

While taking every kids consideration prior, create Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course more exploring and adventurous. It should be designed with age preferences and safety measures. We hope you must be understood how important and enjoyable are Obstacles Course for Kids.

So make sure you choose the best obstacle activity to help your children to enjoy and grow. Keep safety-kits and first-air kits ready too, as you know kids are nutritious and love to jump, run, climb so might get bit injuries. However, important is to keep an eye open when your kids are playing to avoid any accidental harm.


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