Best Outdoor Playsets For Older Kids

Kids, especially older ones, love to explore and play outdoors with friends. They love to run, jump, climb, which initially gives them a good physical challenge and boost health. Outdoor playtime should be encouraged by parents of kids for better physical, mental and psychological development.

Unlike indoor playing gears, outdoor playsets are also available in the market. Parents need to motive their children for outdoor games or even can develop unique Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses. If guardians don’t want their kids to play with friends in public gardens during the covid-19 pandemic fuss, then they can create excellent Backyard Obstacle Courses.

ninja warrior obstacle course by kidwee

In this blog, we will be talking about the Best Outdoor Playsets For Older Kids. Moreover, we will also be highlighting the hacks to keep in mind while developing the Obstacle Course For Kids.

How Crucial Is To Play Outdoor For Kids?

How Crucial Is To Play Outdoor For Kids

Games, whether indoor and outdoor, ensures children’s growth and development in multiple ways. Below are some facts that will help you understand how crucial it is to play outdoor for kids.

Improves Physical Development

Running, cycling, jumping, skipping, climbing in the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course will help children in improved physical coordination and movement of the body. It will make your children’s flexibility great and strengthen your body. Moreover also help in making your kids stronger, powerful and enhance muscular development. Outdoor Obstacles Courses for Kids will also improve energy and metabolism.

Great Social Development

Playing outdoor will give your children the to make new friends and learn new things. It will ensure significant socio-cultural and moral development. Your children will improve their skills in talking, behave, care and respect each other.

Help In Increased Imagination And Mental Stimulation

Outdoor games like Backyard Obstacle Courses provide kids a way to improve their imagination and creativity. It will enhance their mental skill development and enhances mind stimulation to lead and achieve goals.

Good For Personality Development

Playing in outdoor areas with friends will improve their self-confidence and good for self-reliant behavior. It will benefit your children with improved personality traits with keen observation and improved thinking together. Moreover, outdoor games will make them able to stay happy, cheerful, and positive.

Good To Learn About Surrounding

To know surrounding with different natural elements and weather conditions, outdoor games are great. It will give kids a chance to learn about animals, plants, and more.

The Essential Features To Look In Playset For Older Kids

The Essential Features To Look In Playset For Older Kids

Older kids need enough space to run, climb, jump, and swing with friends. It is even essential for children to have fun, enjoyment with more physical activity, as it boosts health in multiple ways. Below, we detail some of the significant specifications you need to look at while purchasing a playset for older kids.


Swings are loved by all and fun gameplay for all ages. Thus get a playset that comes with a good couple of swings to enjoy and relax. Swinging will give children a more cool way to talk and share thoughts with friends, enhancing their skills and moral behavior. For more safety for kids, swings should have an adjustable and well-gripped belt.

Climbing Wall

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Climbing Wall

It is obviously a considerable feature, that playset must have a climbing wall and ropes. As older kids love to climb, and it even ensures body strength every day. Rock climbing specifications can, for sure, make them excited.

Monkey Bars

No Obstacle Course For Kids is complete without the existence of monkey bars. Playsets designed with monkey bars will give your children better grip, strength, and boost confidence. It will be fun for them to practice and play with their friends safely.


Engage your kids in more fun and adventure with a playset designed with bridges. It will give them seamless enjoyment with friends. Bridges can even an excellent place to take captions with family and friends. It is even a unique place for children to read and talk with friends.

Disc Swing

For older kids, twisted disc swings are a great adventure to enjoy. They love to grip and swing, which even gives them strength and fun.


ninja warrior obstacle course for kids ladders

Designed ladders in any outdoor playset will give children a way to strengthen and balance their bodies. It even gives them great excitement to climb and play.

The Important Safety Features To Look In Outdoor Playsets for Older Kids

ninja warrior obstacle course playground playset

Durable and Solid Beam Structure

While picking up any Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, you need to make sure, the sturdiness and durability of the playset. It should be made up of a solid beam framework, so that for more safety and long life for years. It should be well painted, resistant, and smooth for kids to climb, swing, and sit.

Easy to Assemble

Playset must be easy and efficient to connect. It should be well designed with all assembling components and tools. The components must be safe, durable, and sturdy to play for kids.

Well Designed

Apart from its durability, the outdoor playset must be well designed with features like swings, ladders, slides, bridge, etc. It should be mentioned with ideal size offering fun and safety together for children. Must not have any sharp edges and corners to injured and scratches kids during playtime.

Finely Coated

The outdoor playset needs to be well coated with non-toxic paint or polish to keep the surface smoother and offering a good grip. Every component of plastic, metal, or wood should be well designed and coated.

Ropes and Chains Durable

Ropes and chains in any outdoor playset must be well soft to grip and resist UV damage. They should give fun and safety simultaneously. Moreover, it should not weaken or break easily.

Final Thoughts

Pick out the Best Outdoor Playset for Older Kids, especially for creating Backyard Obstacle Course can be challenging for parents Better is to search and know deeply about them before making an investment. The above-mentioned safety tips and features needed in the playset should be considered important to have the worth of fun and enjoyment for your children.

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